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    DJ Knowledge was born and raised in Miami, Florida and has come very familiar with the city's trends and changes. With a Puerto Rican/African-American background, Knowledge can easily connect with his audiences at any event, being a versatile DJ and person. With a father that was absent much of the time as he grew up, his mother played a very major role in his personal and professional life. It was her who encouraged Knowledge to do what he wanted to do and work hard at whatever he loved. At the age of 26, he knows for certain his love is for music. Knowledge grew up listening to his idols in the DJ world, Funkmaster Flex, Kid Capri, local Miami DJs Khaled and Irie. It was as a Freshman in high school that Knowledge got his first appetite for DJing. At the age of 14, Knowledge was earning his props by performing at local house parties and high school events. It was 2 years ago in mid-summer, Memorial Weekend 2004, where Knowledge climbed up the entertainment chain and started to DJ in popular venues on South Beach. SMAC Entertainment, a well-known South Beach promotion company gained interest in Knowledge and asked him to join their roster of DJs for their events. Crobar, one of the largest and most popular venues on South Beach, was where Knowledge started to build his fan base. And he credits this to where he is today in his DJ career. DJ Irie later gave him a break to perform with him and that was where Knowledge really experienced showing off his skills. To date, DJ Knowledge has performed at many of the popular venues on South Beach including The Forge, Crobar, Amika, Prive/Opium Garden, Mansion, The Versace Mansion, Snatch/Suite, Ink & Club Spirits @ The Hard Rock. He has also performed @ The AAA (American Airlines Arena) as the official Scream 5 Tour (One Chance, Sammie, Pretty Ricky, Yung Joc & Omarion) DJ in Miami.
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