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  1. RECAP!!!!! https://t.co/yparpJxxu0

  2. @1DJGRE im at work still drunk bumpin this shit hella loud lol

  3. #49ordietrying https://t.co/ysryRswDzm

  4. RT @rayrayreeree: I hear this often "where have you been?" ...

  5. Photo: SEPT 20th 2013 IN ANCHORAGE AK!!!!!! http://t.co/m8dv051n1k

  6. shout out to @ReJ3ctz for comin through tonight!!! Alaska loves it!!!

  7. got my @jusbeeone hoodie....clean then a MF!!

  8. bout to update this twitter name..then go get prep for the show...

  9. bout to play this pokemon gold on the gbc then take a nap....gott things to wrap up in the morning

  10. now i need a new logo...gotta throw in my coast 2 coast dj logo now since its offical

  11. what the hell yall been talking bout all day??? bullshit huh...

  12. really tho...you can tell me nothing!!!!

  13. sn: how many ppl went back on thier new years resolution #raiseyourhand????

  14. lol these muthafawkas is doing tha B.U.T.T.

  15. I want to wish @ihateKatStacks a happy new year cuz when she get out in 2012...its...going...DOWN!!!

  16. tryin to figure out this cat daddy rmx @RSDJ_DMONEY playd yesterday on upstream...

  17. worndering how many ppl r trying to accomplish their goals b4 the year is over....

  18. #thirst came right out....my bad

  19. short days....long nights....

  20. need a plan for new years....whats the hommie @Akkalinajade doin for her **th bday???

  21. question...y is there a old man playing the drums in the boys 2 men "bended knee" video in the rain??

  22. GOING DOWN JANUARY 6th at KOOTS @rej3tz @iamtayy WILL BE HITTIN THE STAG!! TIX ARE $25 VIP IS $35


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