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    im dj motown a mid west dj for 10 years my region consist of missouri tennesse arkansas and kentucky
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    dj'ing basketball video games
  1. bee waiting on the acapella thats luv preciate it
  2. glad they returning to the acapella
  3. im going to see how this joint works in a down south club since they call theirselves dissing the south on the low in the otis joint
  4. this joint is getting lots of requests im going to see what it does in the club
  5. im not crazy about wayne but this is some pop shit thats going to go hard
  6. thanks for the post and if anyone has project bounce please send it to dj.motown@yahoo
  7. boy webbie my nigga but without boosie shits just not the same
  8. the boy killa always go hard might just be the most underated in the game i need to get on a blog talking about these rappers show prices
  9. shit goes hard this nigga is holding grand hustle down by himself and if they dont drop his album im thru fucking with grand hustle tell jason geter that or i will tell t.i. when i see him in forrest city
  10. class is session from one of the coldiest doing it
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