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  1. Dizzy my G From Las Vegas check out all the heat and See my city Live all in my hose mix.wma
  2. Im Guillatine Slimm Im From Las Vegas NV Im Born and Raised in what we call the Billion Dollar trap Looking to Really Get my Story out how i live where i come from i do my own beats and write all my songs really looking for a Dj that likes my art and really want to network something big For My city i Got more music on Sound cloud www.soundcloud.com/michael-ross-116all in my hose mix.wma
  3. Im Out here on My Square Really trying To pivot looking for Love or feed back to better my art and craft im willing to work till it aint no work would love to Rock with a DJ that have the same Goals i got some cool Music and just Dropped a New Single All in My House ft, Dan Blac Got it on Every Popping Platform all in my hose mix.wma
  4. I got a lot of heat looking for a DJ that Breaks Artist Trying to get on a Tour And Show My Work ethic i have plenty of catalog Need Great Response or Information to get on View my music www.soundcloud.com/michael-ross-116 all in my hose mix.wma
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