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  1. Here is the link http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005D7TE0M Buy it today for $2.99 and dont be cheap and spread the word Synopsis A Drug Dealer’s Lover. A gritty, dark, dramatic, urban crime thriller with suspense, with each character contributing different elements to the story as it is revealed from beginning to end. Each character finds a way to blend in, but also adds they own unique twist that only serves to make the plot increasingly complex. When Gonzo, a rude, ignorant, shameless high school dropout-turned wannabe street hoodlum—is released from a ten-year prison sentence for a drug charge, he is financially, physically and spiritually broke. Gonzo’s mother is on her death bed—gradually and irreversibly wasting away from a terminal illness. Her death would give him some desperately-needed money in the bank—but when? Meanwhile, his ex-boyfriend Carlos has been living the good life from a 2.5 million dollar scratch-off ticket. Gonzo enlists Carlos to help with an underground dope scheme that would not only get him out of the gutter but make him the supreme drug lord of the whole country. A Drug Dealer’s Lover is a cynical look at what people are willing to sacrifice in the name of the almighty dollar.
  2. Need A Book Cover Done

    To all you graphic designers with skills I need a book cover done for my upcoming book called "A Drug Dealer's Lover" the cover need to match the title but it also have to be catchy and creative if you charge alot please dont hit me up if your serious hit me up if you aint serious please dont bother if you trying to get over on people by whatsoever dont contact me either Serious designers only The book cover is for a urban fiction novel If you have any questions please feel free to ask
  3. Attention All Serious Video Editors

    I Need a video editor that can edit and add some effects to car dvd movie the files is in avi and it will need a dvd menu bt I pretty much got one just need some stuff edited out of it or might get a new one made over the movie is like 60 minutes long it will get edit done to like 45-50 minutes of footage hit me up and let know know your prices and time I got burn before to twice so i need some serious people that aint for play
  4. IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: ALL Independent Artists

    The submission for this is closed
  5. Mixtape Covers!! $15!! Flyers $25!!!!

    Whats a phone number you can be reach at ?
  6. Mixtape Covers!! $15!! Flyers $25!!!!

    How long would it be $50.00 for the blast for ? How many people would it blast out to ?
  7. Introductions

    How much you charge to host a mixtape and what come all with the package when you host a mixtape ? Where can I hear some of your mixtapes at ?
  8. Attention Independent Artists for upcoming mixtape

    We are looking for Humble Independent Artists that dont have a major deal and all your songs must be done by independent producer serious artists only apply for R&B mixtape called "Something For The Grown Folkz" will be promoted in urban magazines like The Source, Vibe, Ozone Magazine and many more and promoted in more ways then one this is very good free promotion for upcoming artists.... The mixtape will be about 20 songs on the mixtape or more it will be available online as well download and your music must be legit You must not have any ties with a major label whatsoever and you must be serious when you apply We looking for slow r&b songs.... When you send your song make sure you put in the email subject line "Something For The Grown Folkz Mixtape Submission" if you dont your email will be deleted automatically You only submit real good quality R&B songs..... Must send songs asap to get a spot on the mixtape.. Send atleast 5 songs of your original music Send all songs to mrballa23@yahoo.com
  9. Mixtape Covers!! $15!! Flyers $25!!!!

    How much the email blast by itself ?
  10. Mixtape Covers!! $15!! Flyers $25!!!!

    How much do your email blast cost ? How many people would it blast out to ?
  11. Mixtape Covers!! $15!! Flyers $25!!!!

    I'm interested in getting some work done how long do it take you to do the cover ? Do you do email blast ?
  12. Internet Marketing

    http://www.datpiff.com/JiJi_Sweet_Gamespitta_Entertainment_Presents_Leg.m82461.html http://www.mixtapepass.com/jiji_sweet/gamespitta_entertainment_presents:_legends_in_the_making_vol._1_-_limited_edition_mixtape.mixtape http://www.myfreemixcd.com/index.php?order=search&srch_txt=gamespitta
  13. Get mixtape hosting for $50!!

    Another thing is you dont have professional drops saying the mixtape name on the mixtape and label name either not to say it alot but just a couple of times or saying the ceo of the company name either ?
  14. Get mixtape hosting for $50!!

    Thats cool so you wont do a professional drops saying Gamespitta Entertainment or nothing like that ? I dont know you you might jip me out my money people do do that you know but will I have to pay you first or afterwards ?