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    Worcester, MA
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    Open for Public DJ Bookings, Radio Musical Requests (Upon contact/Direct messaging or Email). Collaborations, Remixing, Beats/Instrumental leasings, & More.
    I love to work in versatile fields of Music. And what i mean by that is, I work in various genres of music, I also mix a verity as well as produce. So I am indeed open to those whom might have a particular or specific unique sound that is different but yet awesome to push out 1000%..
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    Parker A. Lewis (DjWhizPk), DJ - Music Producer - & Sound Engineer - of music movement #EmpiricialLeaderUndergroundProductions (E.L.U.P) - current age: 22 yrs. And have been in my own career field in music for about 5 years tops now. Officially started my DJing career 4 years total and continuing onward in furthering it to grander heights. Within those time frames it was also around the time I've founded an started my Music Movement through DJing & bringing out the support & build among other fellow aspiring Music Makers throughout my musical endeavors. And Thus far, I've studied an researched to take it upon myself to take training/coaching online courses for my DJing career an so forth. Currently improving on various areas throughout my musical approach & efforts which include briefly: (Controllerism, Mixology, Turntablism, Beat Matching, Sound Syncing, Audio Engineering, Crowd reading, & Gear Expertise). . . I've worked with a considerable amount of Artists, Music Producers, & Djs such as; @Meresha , @LegionBeats , @OmariMC and many more.. Since then, Im currently hustling hard to get out here an DJ for these bars and clubs an then some more for real time experiences and ethical build up/ longevity.. Finally, Although striving in dedication to make this happen and putting it all in place step by step. Not many folks still aren't aware that my REAL Musical Inspiration really began from the age of 9 years, When I written my first song ever! and literally sang it to my mother.. Lol, it was from that moment on and from researching other DJs live experiences on Set how it all works that really uplifted & Inspired not just my destiny. But much rather my life's purpose 1000%. I look forward to working with many more aspiring musicians/composers, Producers, DJs.
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    Also work at Price Chopper. Love to play Sports. Plans on leaving Price Chopper to expand more time

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  1. Gotta love that inspirational conscious hiphop 1000%
  2. Interesting R&B soulful message here. . Totally can relate to this
  3. Ayyyye, This is some nice'n smooth perpetual and sensual HipHop that anyone can love. Including couples
  4. This is straight motivating Rap Music . . You can workout to this or even train with this
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  6. Salutations everybody and of course the fellow DJ's/Music Producers, Sound Engineers, 

    radio personalities, All of ya'll 1000%. Much blessings to each an every one of you and much love. 

    Up to par with my *Music Movements Super Supporters list*. I've incorporated a special give away for the utmost love an support thus far, and it happens to be a new Single based on my (unreleased) EP. I also have even more news.. On this record pool in particular, I have a few major links I am to be revealing here in light further connecting with the various musical creators here . . Yes you are all INDEED RECOGNIZED! yes!!!!! :D 

    Stay connected for a revealing post of those links for I will be sending them momentarily via 

    #GreenHitzDJRecordPoolTeam & #GreenHitzDJRecordPoolCommunity 

  7. Ohhhhhh my worrrrd!!!!!! this is whats up! 1000%
  8. Yooooo, Lets get it this is that ishhh to jam to
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