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  1. Artist:: JoeGitit - Cazperino Song: Im On Album: Cracker Box Directed By: Bill Hughes JOEGITIT IM ON HD VIDEO
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  3. yeah and dont forget canon is also a bootleger!! of coarse he dont care about stealing peoples jobs. he steals peoples whole cds and sells them a week early and ruins artist record sales and thats even worse. and the colleges in kc dont pay because they have kids from th music production classes come doit for free credit.
  4. we should orginize ..... if you were fake cheap jordans, gucci, ride fake spinners.... your a buster ... it should be the same for promoters. if you get a cheap dj your a buster!! also if your from the suburbs and work a good 9-5 then come dj in the city for free. you need your ass beat.!.!
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