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  1. This is off th chain! Definitely spin this. Also, City Boy - City Boy Ft. R. Kelly is off th chain. Keep this Shhh comin hard. -DJ Kozmoz (H-Town)
  2. DJ Kozmoz

    hot effects

    Can I snag the link? Thanks DJ Kozmoz from H-town
  3. I need 'IT AIN'T NOTHING' Instrumental by Cypress Hill. It's fairly new,anyone got? If so, can you send it to me at Rdu1402034@aol.com. Thanks DJ Kozmoz
  4. I need the FULL Push it (acapella) by Salt N Peppa. Anyone have it? You can send it to Rdu1402034@aol.com I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! - DJ Kozmoz
  5. Looking for an oldie but goodie. 'BITCH PLEASE' by Snoop Dogg and Xzibit. Anyone got the acapella please send it to Rdu1402034@aol.com. Thanks - DJ Kozmoz - H-town's hottest scratch turntablist
  6. I'm looking for the acapella (mainly) or Instrumental to 'You can do it' by Ice Cube. Anybody got it? You can send it to Rdu1402034@aol.com Thanks -Kozmoz
  7. 'Pick it Up' by Jose Fuego is totally dope. Sounds kinda like an N2Deep Jay Tee flow and 50 Cent. Ill sh** to say the least. Think I might use it.
  8. Djjsoy, you from H-town too? Props mayne! I'm up 290 off Huffmeister. 20 mins from downtown. You kin check out my page at www.myspace.com/albioncrusader
  9. Yea, it's fly for ladies. I kin see em droppn it low to this one. =P
  10. DJ Kozmoz


    Sure thing bro. Thanks for the response.
  11. DJ Kozmoz


    My name is DJ Kozmoz and I'm from H-Town (Houston), I earned my name by the way I usually think. People always told me my mind was way out in the Cosmos,hence my DJ name. I'm an Old School scratch Turntablist and have been spinning since 1997. I was raised on Yo!MTv raps since back in the day with Dr. Dre and Ed Lover. Now I integrate old School HipHop into New School HipHop with a funky twist. I'm always looking for new beats, and acapellas,sound effects, drops, loops,etc. You can check out my page at www.myspace.com/albioncrusader much love to my hiphop Fam -DJ Kozmoz
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