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  1. likin' dis...on point...if gotta lil dance wit it, potentially it may do somethin'...got all version, send it to realystik731@gmail.com getcha' rep up...lol who is the artist?
  2. boycott mixtape posting...no dj versions only
  3. the background instrumental loop needs to be brought out til its the focus, dominating the track...i think it would be almost hypnotic that way.
  4. wouldnt work in this region...it maybe a local record.
  5. dont expect heavy rotation with a urban/street audience...a rhythmic record for a mix audience...not bad tho.
  6. this is a good record...ppl aint on this...dont kno what yall listen to...too many fake azz dj are fans (groupies) to certain artists, styles of music, and cant make good judgment calls on other styles of music...wake up cocck suckaz--doesnt apply to all but it does to a lot of greenz azz djs...ReaL
  7. ReaL

    S.T. - Wowo

    good record...has potential
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