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  1. Kanye West can do no wrong. Always on point!
  2. Another one for the neo club.
  3. Miss Janet has delivered another one!! Stellar!
  4. Miss Janet has delivered another one!! Stellar!
  5. Excellent material from this project. Mary gets better every time!!
  6. Exciting things are ahead!! Loving everything this sistah brings!!
  7. Power ballad for the millenials.
  8. A bold release that surprisingly catches a groove to hook the listener!
  9. Another Beyonce...it is OKAY...ready for something more groundbreaking from her. I think when two over exposed artists collaborate, the vibe seems forced. I want them to work harder at wowing the listener.
  10. Jussie's voice is refreshing. I am interested to see what else he comes with. Feeling this track!
  11. Any release by Janet is an event! She does not disappoint with this one...welcome back!!!! We missed you!
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