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  1. amazing. mazeltof --- congrats on the wedding yall == WE MAKIN BABIES LOLOLOL (I couldn't not)
  2. i'mma need a fresh set of eyes / brain / brains --- signing off and will be on it tomorrow (gonna give that datpiff jawn a spin)
  3. sorry i'm slowing down on these --- i think i finally hit a bit of a wall ---- been very decidly trying to wind down my evening and actually try to catch some sleep (like a giant pussy lol)
  4. this makes me very happy dro is in super super super #zerochill mode and i'm into it kinda one flow // still generally yelling ---- he's still got the flows / i know (i hope) he can still do lyrical spirtual miracle gymnastics i gave the high times / most recent tape a run though ---- tbh i may need to listen to it again but it didn't hit the spot for me all the way --- "top back" remix dro (sorry i was kinda mtv woo girl back in the day so lol idk if that's the cool pick or not) love the energy. love the hook. love the old BANKHEAAAAAD (god, that was also one of the best songs on King too lol)
  5. i think to make this not just a pop tart / cookie cutter dj mustard-y / poppy hyphy/jerk/litefeet whatever u want to call it get someone out of left field as fuck --- gangsta gibbs / gunplay / earl (lol why not) ----- bronson can do these records (baby blue = great example)
  6. this actually made my day a lot bettter / didn't feel all the way alone, voiceless & forced to take a timeout bc lol wooooooooooo AUBREY BARS R US ROZAY BARS R US PROJECT PAT BARS R US elvis pressly blvd pt 2 / 3/ 4 (really just having project pat be Ross' back and forth partner a la Pat and Juicy)
  7. oh shit i legit didn't know ciara was from Texas til right now lolol holy shit dl PLZ
  8. jerelltongson@gmail.com plz and thank you florida is the shit --- sis lives in miami --- v chill lol
  9. yelawolf is my oonly guess but u know lol #listentomorecountry
  10. i cant place this but the tone on hiss vocals are fantastic --- kinida johnny cash-ish (if that's not sacreligious) --- idk if this is the rookie country comp but Wlill Hoge? he's not as aggressive as say like a Garth Brooks or random ass dudes filling out the honkeytonk in Fort Worth but u know instrumenttion is perfect === the right amount of loud / soft / pulling it back / clanging on the pianos
  12. gonna need at least the evening, maybe 24 hours before i can get back to u on this one lol PND / mike / wtfff
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