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  1. This track is blazin right now going to run it on the station immediately.
  2. Track is ok it will fit into the category of everything else that's out, but it will do numbers.
  3. I loved the last track face in the pillow, it got a lot of intrest on my station. I'm anxious to see how this one does.
  4. Thia track has a nice flow to it, K Camp does it again.
  5. love this track dropping it in my slow set tonight.
  6. This track is hot and my favorite artist are on it, gotta start running this one on the station immediately!
  7. I like the track and will definitely play it on the station.
  8. This track has a nice all around flow to it, i'm previewing it in the presence of a couple of woman and they just got up and started dancing.
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