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    Eddie Bernard jones Jr aka Da King DJ Ej is proud to be labeled a “Street Dj”. In today’s HipHop market the DJ that is credited for breaking a record is usually the individual that is first to play it on the radio. Da King believes in stressing the point that real people know the record is broke in the clubs and in the streets long before it ever is played on the radio. DJ Ej hails from a rural area of Ga labeled on the map as Cordele. This Crisp County High graduate started spinning records at the impressionable age of 16. Da King credits Ga radio veteran Jammin Jay as the reason for his initial interest in controlling the “wheels of steel.” “I used to study his techniques during parties and dissect the Jammin Jay’s mixshows that I would record,” states Da King. Scoring his first official gig in 05, when slotted as the opening act for Hittmenn Dj affiliate Dj Treman, DJ Ej would learn that his skills and particular flavor for selecting records were tailored for the hardworking party goers of Cordele and surrounding areas of Ga. After a year of paying his dues as the Shaq to Dj Treman’s Kobe, DJ Ej would garnish the interest of several Ga club owners. Settling on Cordelle hot spot, Thee Club as his home base, Ej soon developed a reputation as a go to DJ concerning generating buzz for a particular record. Ej’s prowess for going hard on the microphone and the turntables caught the attention of an up and coming rap artist from Panama City known as Mighty Mike. Mike would extend an offer to Ej that would be the source of major opportunity for the Da King. After rocking the crowd gathered for a Mighty Mike and Rich Boy concert in Panama City, Fl, DJ Ej was approached by Casper of the “Hittmenn Djs” to become an official card carrying member of this world famous DJ network. Soon after this interaction, DJ Ej was contacted by record breaking legend Bigga Rankin to carry his “Cool Running Djs’” flag. Now an official member of the South’s two most prolific DJ coalitions, the offers from labels began to come on. Recently named one of the official DJ’s for Slip-N-Slide R&B artist Qwote and already having a previous relationship with Slip-N-Slide artist Swazy Baby are two happenings that give Da King a chance to flex his mixing muscle for individuals capable of cutting checks with lots of zeros. “Man everyone was running from the streets trying to get radio gigs. I stayed in em and took advantage of all the open opportunities. Now it’s paying off big for me,” professes DJ Ej. Da King is now seeing the fruits of his labor. Making sure not to rest on past accomplishments, DJ Ej is committed to working even harder. Having established a sound working relationship with aspiring marketing executive Cal Repken to give rise to an entertainment company and create “The Community”, a network made up of diverse marketing entities for the purpose of cross promoting music, products, and talent and aligning his movement with internet powerhouses XCLUSIVETRAX and DS Media, Da King is ensuring that he has the ready resources to compete with the big dogs in the cyber space as well as the real world. Having worked with established artists such as Plies, Blood Raw, DunkRyders, and Rasheeda, as well as budding talents J Baby, What Dey Do, Lord Zoe, Mighty Mike, Young Capone, Yola Da Great, and E Mackey; Da King is making sure he attacks the game from all angles. “I don’t want become the sort of DJ that can’t be approached by artists still trying to make it. The streets make it possible for me to break records and do live shows. Anyone questioning my resume for breaking records should check the album insert for Plies’ album Da Realiest.”-boasts Da King. Long live the King. FOR BOOKING CALL DJEJ ENT404-520-5643
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    Own My Record Label DJing, I wish I could bring you back from heaven, even if it was just for one da

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