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  1. dope, they definitely make a cute power couple as well #Durk&DeJ
  2. this hittin bruh frfr they shud do more collabs
  3. Meek Mill needs more songs like this frfr...... his songs are always hits whenever he has features from artists like this.
  4. bruh twayne better not be the latest one hit wonder like tinashe was last year,,,,,hopefully he can keep up the good work and come out wit a mixtape orr sumin
  5. Jermeih needs to come out with another album asap
  6. the dream needs to come back out with another album with more hits like this
  7. she really do sound like the next upcoming aaliyah
  8. I still like the song even though I was kinda disappointed with the video I just felt like he coulda did more, the dog love story was alright.
  9. Kid Ink really needs more features tbh like this is a perfectly good radio hit, he would have more if he did more collabos.
  10. is it me or does the beat sound just a little similar to flower bomb?
  11. jamie foxx needs to come out with some more new stuff
  12. nice jam jeremih and j cole should do more songs together
  13. Migos always go hard ....the beat is fire like always
  14. bruh i hope they dont play it out like all the other chris brown songs
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