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    Well…I’m a 43 year-old rapper…yeah 43! And I don’t really give a sh*t. Fresh off of a heart attack that left me with two stints in my heart, and I figure…if I don’t do this now…then when? I grew up in Compton, Ca..I was raised by my whole family, hip hop, and church. After I finished college, at the request of some of my childhood friends, I got into music production. Since I was the only one that had a little training on the piano and the means to afford the expensive equipment, I was a shoe in for the job. Don’t get me wrong, I had been doing music all my life. From El Segundo (now McNair), to Willowbrook, to Vanguard, to Dunn, to U.C. Berkeley, to Loyola Law School, I was making beats on desk, writing raps in class, pop locking, and trying to learn how to windmill, but the moment when I bought that 2500.00 ASR-10, a mixing board and ADATs was when I knew it was real. Unfortunately, I, nor our crew knew nothing about the music business, and when I approached people for guidance, we didn’t even know the right questions to ask. Eventually, I decided to just put out our music myself, which I did, but did no marketing, promotions, nor shows and after a series of unfortunate events, we disbanded and I decided to focus on other things in life, but deep in my heart I felt like this music thing was unfinished business, and I don’t like to leave business unfinished. So, I’m back baby, updated and motivated! I have to warn you though, sometimes I’m a lil raw with my material, but sometimes life is raw, and the truth, unadulterated is necessary for me to let you know how these things really went down, or how I really feel about things.
  1. E.Mims (Mr. Excitement) - My BabyMama Do Hair

    Thanks for all of the support....my bad for the late response...I didn't really know these forums existed on this site...and I just now clicked on one of the notifications...but at any rate...your positive feedback has inspired me to continue...so whenever I get a little change to promote it....look out for my next single "I think she chokin'...Take her to Kaiser"..(it's not what you're thinking) #yesitis ...anyway..thanks again! I'm out