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  1. Lil Lee Ft. Neicy Hudson - Cinderella

  2. Lil wil "100 g's" (produced by: Pimp-n-keys ent.)

    damn niggga lil wil be da shit hook me up dawg!
  3. ay back on the lil wayne

    ay instead of just posting my tracks who wants to just message me for them and maybe trade off on a couple heres a couple samples i have if your interested lilwayne-rockstarfeat chammilionare lil wayne get it feat chingy but those are a couple of common tracks i have just to show that im not bsn but go head and get a me blahhhh!
  4. sick new lil wayne

    hey i have some really rare and unheard tracks from gucci oj da juiceman and wayne but i dont know how to post them if some one wants to help me thad be great