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  1. Treal Lee & Prince Rick - Thowed Off

    I can see this bangin out in the hood club, no question. I can already see a drunk ass nigga in a white tee in the club, giving everybody the finger, "Fuck Everybody", lmfao.
  2. This is definitely a banger. I'm gone test it out and see how people react to it. Its real laid back though...so we'll see. I like it.
  3. Miss B Ft. Flo Rida - Turn It Up

    Yeah, this is definetly gonna be one of those. Bangin Club Track
  4. Verse - Buy You A Round (Up & Down)

    Great song, remix wit joc is killer! definitely gettin play from my crew
  5. Trillogy - Warning

    Good song, great production. It caters to the pop, rap hybrid such as the black eye peas, or flo rida would. Perfect for radio play
  6. Mz. Nicky - Caked Up

    Sped up in a mix, this would be sick. Good track!
  7. Streetz - Trap Boom'n

    Nice Track
  8. V.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic - Say Bow

    Hot song, ridiculous beat!
  9. JW - Baik At It

    Nice Track. Guaranteed to bang
  10. F.L.Y (Fast Life Yungstaz) - Swag Surfin (Produced By K.E.)

    Been still killing the radio. THey go ham in the club when this bang