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  1. Wochee - 10 Toes @Wocheeofficial

  2. Fetty Wap - Wake Up @fettywap

    heard it all before
  3. Fabulous Ft. Nicki Minaj & Trey Songz - Doin' It Well

    I don't know I have not heard it.
  4. Trae The Truth Ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Inkredible

    good track crowd loves it
  5. John Blu - Nicknames / In Love With Your Booty

    This tarack is working!
  6. Young T - Hitta Wit The Jimmy (Produced by 2Much)

    Already getting requests in San Antonio!
  7. F.L.Y. Ft. Yung Ralph & Pastor Troy - Da Champ (Produced by Mr. Hanky)

    I can work it Thanks
  8. Gucci Mane Ft. Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka - Bingo

    man This is sick Thanks!
  9. Man I can't wait to play this Thanx!!!!
  10. Young Black - Big Boy Stuntin'

    San Antonio Love this Track Thanks
  11. Cupid - Do My Ladies Run This Party

    All I can say is this is big. Good job Cupid. This is going in the mix tomorrow 4sure. This will def get the ladies going. Thanks homie!
  12. Louisiana Ca$h - Boss (Produced by Oddz n Endz)

    Man I played this shit 4 times tonight. I bumped it in the car on the way to the gig and my girl was all over it. I played it to check the system and my soundman ran over begging me to play it again. So I played three more times. Man I have not heard a track like this since The millie jam a few years back. The only thing is the bass seams a like it could be tighter on a loud system. Do ya have a better quality version. If not I am def going to master this on Sunday. Right now I only get to spin good shit on Wednesday because I spin at some "upscale" places Thursday - Sat where the management knows whats hot more than the crowd. But anyway this shit is Pure FIRE for real.
  13. Mouse On Tha Track [Trill Ent] - Don't Hurt 'Em!!!

    San Antonio Will hear this in my club Tomorrow! Thanks BC