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  1. If your following me and never heard my music. I'm sending you a personal invite to check me and leave some feedback
    The link to my single is in my bio. Feedback welcomed. #LinkUp 


  2. Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha - Timber (Remix Pack)

    Track 4 party. Checked!
  3. Mr. Sipp Ft. Ca$h Out & Rocko - Already On It

    4 real It's dope!
  4. Crooklyn Clan Package Vol. 12 - 2011

    It's so f*ckin' cool! Big thanks, man. I was looking for a very long time this track ---> Anthem Kingz - Castle Walls Transition (130 - 81 Dirty)
  5. Introduce my new R'n'B-partybreak. The combination of well-known dance tracks with my scratches will bring inexpressible atmosphere on the dance floor. This partybreak was recorded in 2010 and was first sounded in my mix "Everybody wanna dance. " Here, spread the full version of this track. Let 's Dance:) Zippyshare.com - DJ Big L.A. - Dancing Round.mp3
  6. Wasssup! This is a new-year partybreak.I used a sample from Russian National song in the beginning then i added a beat by myself.And then you hear all favorite rnb-bombs which quickly passes into each other. You can download it here: Zippyshare.com - DJ Big L.A. - Yolochka in my mind (partybreak).mp3 DJ Big L.A. - Yolochka in my mind (partybreak) – DJ Big L.A.