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    President, C.E.O. & Co-Founder of Parker Road Entertainment & Co. LLC.

    Albums / Mixtapes / Singles / & DVD's

    2008 - The Green Light Project (CD)
    2009 - Legend In The Making (Mixtape)
    2010 - Pretty Baby (Single)
    2010 - The Vault Vol. 1 (Mixtape)
    2012 - The Peabody Single
    2012 - #PMNIYP - Put My Number In Your Phone Single
    2013 - Never In My Life Single
    2013 - The Legend of Parker Road (Deluxe Edition CD/DVD)

    The (2x) winner of Memphis Hot 107.1 Hot 901 @ 9 contest, A.P. Appleberry, of Parker Road Entertainment, is set to release his forthcoming Album/CD "The Legend of Parker Road" is now available iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores.

    A.P. Appleberry's hit debut single and track "The Peabody" impacted radio in Memphis, TN and quickly became a smash record on Memphis, TN's Hot 107.1, the Hot 901 @ 9pm contest, winning by a landslide with over 50,000 votes and is currently in the Top 20 on MemphisRap.com's Top 100 Hip-Hop and R&B Songs charts.

    "The Peabody" speaks of being on the rooftop of the Forbes 4-star hotel, The Peabody Memphis, known for its rooftop parties and mixers.

    The chart topping, #1 voted radio single and debut digital release "The Peabody," from A.P.'s forthcoming album "The Legend of Parker Road

    After being voted #1 at Hot 107.1 with the Hip-Hop chart-topping track and lead single "The Peabody," A.P. Appleberry also recently released two more album singles starting with new song "Never In My Life" and the latest single produced by A.P. Appleberry off "The Legend of Parker Road," entitled "Lil' Mama."

    "Every time 'Lil Mama' is played in any club I do security for, everyone FEELS IT. I believe this song will be the next "hit" from a Memphis artist" stated Fatts CEO of Excel Extreme Security.

    All three singles are currently in the Top 20 on MemphisRap.com's Top 100 Hip-Hop and R&B Songs charts this week.

    Independently released on his own Memphis-based / Dallas operated Parker Road Entertainment & Co. record label, "The Legend of Parker Road" is the artist's sophomore album following the 2008 album release "The Green Light Project" and promotional mixtape releases "Legend in the Making" (2009) and "The Vault: Vol 1 (2010)."

    Now, in 2013, with a hit radio single and not one, but three online chart topping album songs under his belt, A.P. Appleberry is now ready to release "The Legend of Parker Road."

    A seasoned performer, rapping to audiences that have included more than 2,000, Parker Road Ent. is currently organizing tour dates for a 10 city tour for A.P. Appleberry with appearances in Memphis, TN, Atlanta, Ga, Dallas, TX and more.

    The singles "The Peabody" and "Lil Mama" are available for purchase now on iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores, while the album is now available on iTunes, Amazon and other online music stores.
  1. Check Out A.P. Appleberry in the latest issue of the Southern Entertainment Award winning Block to Block Magazine:Issue No. 38 – June 2013 Edition at a carrier near you, or online at http://www.block2block.com/features/apparkerroad .
  2. Memphis Hot 107.1 two times Hot 901 @ 9 winner A.P. Appleberry in his album song Giovanna Rims aka June 12th, the rapper’s birthday, from off his album The Legend of Parker Road. The album released this week on June 12th. The song is a banger! The Legend of Parker Road album also features the Hot 107.1′s Hot 901 @ 9 winning debut single The Peabody, Never In My Life, and the latest single Lil Mama. Meanwhile, check out A.P. Appleberry in “Legend of Parker Road” album song Giovanna Rims aka June 12th off the album The Legend of Parker Road. Both the song and the album are available for download on iTunes & Amazon now. Click Here To Listen
  3. New To The Site By A.P.

    What up everyone My name is A.P. I'm new to the site and i'm looking to network. Holla at me if you like to work with me in any manner!