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  1. Marsha Ambrosius - Hope She Cheats On You (With a Basketball Player)

    likin this and she from da uk woo woo
  2. Kelly Rowland - Grown Woman (Produced by Stargate)

    d.o.p.e ass track she def aye grown women, tis track be poppin
  3. im likin it missy did great on production n jasmine do good on da singin
  4. also im not sure now i've heard whole song that the dream quite fits the song cos it not the type of beat he does, do u agree or is it me
  5. heard like 30 secs of it cos the song keep stoppin but im likin the new beat, im intriged (i think i spelt that wrong, oh well) by the line up cos u got luda n jada two heavy-weights in da rap game ayer&b singer/ producer/ writer & then yo gotti (who i don't know much about or heard much of his music) but im likin lloyd more n more now he gettin better than fif but tony yayo has still got aye long way tah go before he can do the same
  6. i'mma upload dis onto jamglue cos i know alot of teenagers into dat new-hop n dance shit, plus dis song ain't half bad n it got nearly everyones fav mc weezy
  7. Introduction

    what up this is uk rapper darkwaters , only joined this site so i could get insts but mainly cos there aye boom boom pow inst wid hook n fergie verse i want , so lets get silly biatches