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    Atlanta (Grady Baby)born, Decatur/Kirkwood raised. The oldest of two children.
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    Motorcycle bike riding, travel and DJing
  1. its samples one of the bests groups of the 90s. how can you not like this?
  2. If pimp c were still living I'd like to hear him on the remix! But overall great song.
  3. I know this is Jeezy song but Jay seems like he just keep getting better and better!
  4. Very proud of my Kirkwood brethren. Didn't really know him growing up in the hood but heard his name (Meat Head) quite a few times. But when we did cross paths we wasn't really seeing eye to eye. Think it might have been something I said about a song that he did that was getting a lot of play on the radio. Can't remember the name of the song but I believe bruh heard me say to another mutual friend of ours that the song they were playing on the radio was getting a lot of play spins and that I liked the song but I didn't like a certain verse on the song. He'd mean mug me since that day forward, lol. I was only being Honest!!
  5. I love her sound. Her voice is so powerful and very under rated!
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