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    When I'm not recording and working on new projects I am usually composing poetry, keeping up with politics, reading, reviewing other artist (playing around with artist development), going through producer's beats, the list can go on...Iget a lot inspiration from my environment and the different situations from my past so often I spend time reflecting upon past events to understand where I'm going as I attempt to shape my destiny.
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    A young and creative artist with extraordinary talent focused around poetry and hip hop, who has been honing his skills since the 7th grade. From VA, but claim the entire EastCoast and currently residing within Maryland, he has taken the first steps in 2014 to take the industry by storm as a potential threatening force in the indie music scene. Working with equally talented and younger version of himself, DerionJai, together are building an empire from the ground up doing what they love, CREATING MUSIC WITH THAT TRUE HIP HOP FEEL!
    Enjoy the sounds and even the sights coming from this ambitious talent from the EastCoast, DevinJai.
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    Recording new music and keeping in touch with my fans when it comes to work.
  1. I guess I should put one to the side to make my webpage...nunda, tedious as it is I should go do that soon https://t.co/e9TQSGWOfk

  2. Back @ that t5 https://t.co/e9TQSGWOfk