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    Theres only one way to describe this talented individual, Great. he goes by the name "Snares Bleu" b
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  1. it kinda was a mistake bro that i couldnt figure out how to fix lol please advise if you know how
  2. This ia a new hit single from Snares featuring Capacity it goes ham free download click here -----> http://www.limelinx.com/files/df86708e27d24088debd651aa012e9be www.twitter.com/snares www.twitter.com/capacity617
  3. Hot Beats for Low

    oh dats dope yo music on point my dude realtalk
  4. Hot Beats for Low

    how long you been doing music bro
  5. Introduction

    whats good peeps my names snares im a producer from detroit anybody need anything holla at me