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  1. Verse Simmonds Ft. Kid Ink & Eric Bellinger - Sexy Body (Remix)

    Nice track! I will spin it this weekend and look for feed back!
  2. Pitbull Ft. Ke$ha - Timber

    Sounds pretty good! I'll give it a few spins around the block and see what kind of crowd response I get.
  3. Lady Ft. Plies - HD

    Let me hurry up and find a club to bump this shit!!!
  4. Trey Songz Ft. Young Dro - Mojo (Remix) (Produced by Lil C)

    It's okay!!! Will have to find a venue to spin this one tho because not appropriate for most of my spots!
  5. Big Nod - Top Model

    I'll give it a spin this weekend!
  6. Pony Boi Ft. Gorilla Zoe - Papered Up

    I'm not feelin this one! Can't give this one any rotation.
  7. I'm gonna BUMP THE HELL outta this one!!!!
  8. Rell Flexin - Club Packed

    I'm bobbin my head! This has some bump to it! In the song he asking the dj to cut it up loud! This is definitely a club joint!!!
  9. Monica - Love All Over Me

    I really enjoy listening to babygirl!!! Keep doin yo thang Monica!
  10. Soulja Boy Ft. Gucci Mane - Pretty Boy Swag (Remix)

    Take off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!!
  11. KC Gift - She Wanna Get Rich

    I'll give this one a few spins and see how far I can take it.
  12. I like the remix to this track
  13. Dondria Ft. Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty Wus Up

    I like this track a lot more than the 1st song that was released!!!
  14. Lil Rufus Ft. Plies - I'm Wrong

    This track is cool!!! Nice dance track for the club.
  15. Dondria Ft. Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty Wus Up

    This track by Dondria is BANGIN!!!