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  1. can't hear it,,,,buffering,,,but i'll take a chance based on the commentary
  2. THis Is soooo nice,,,,Dope Track,,,,
  3. Production is amazing,,,feelin this fa real,,,THIS MAY BE A HIT!
  4. He sound a lot like Jeezy but it's "fresh",,,i'll try it out!
  5. MAJOR #SALUTE,,,MOST DEFINITELY SUPPORTING THIS ONE,,,LOL,,Coming out of the cosmetology industry,,,,lol...LOVIN THE BIO,,,,#SALUTE
  6. Awww man, downloading right now,,,this is HOT!
  7. This is radio material,,,this is goin in the playlist,,,DOPE ISH,,,
  8. Yeah,,,imma try this one out fa sho!
  9. Fuck what they talkin bout,,,,this shit is hot,,ITS WHAT THE YOUNGSTAZ LISTEN TO ,,,
  10. Somebody wanna be like Jeezy
  11. Yeah, this will wake they azzes up,,,downloading now,,,,cool beat,,,flow is OK...
  12. Yeah,,,that's some Rocko stuff alright,,,,sounds like U.O.E.N.O,,,downloading now
  13. BAY BIZNESS,,gotta support the TOWN,,,,feelin this girl,,,
  14. Its cool....a lil slow to the beat,,,but it's cool,,,we'll see what the masses say
  15. Like the flow,,,beat goo hard,,,,kinda busy,,,
  16. Kinda weird but I'll spin it,,,lovin the production
  17. THE ONLY REASON THIS WOULD GET SOME PLAY is fa my boy Too $hort,,,and id have to be on some shit,,,lol but now downloading
  18. Yeah this joint is coo but i agree with previous posters,,,increase the bmps fa the WESTCOAST
  19. This will do good in the mixshow,,,,now downloading,,,hit hard
  20. This Is Cool fa the Hip Hop Heads,,,This is coo,,,gotta EC feel to it
  21. Oh Yeah,,,,she gotta good sound goin here,,,goin in the playlist
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