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  1. Today in Outta Yard Sitt'n : - Exclusive interview of Nymron, rising star of the Alliance, live from Jamaica! log in to radio.magashcrew.com to listen live or to download the podcast!
  2. Ma Gash Intl present, every tuesday from 9pm to 11pm (CET) (GMT+1), OUTTA YARD SITT’N hosted by Basakyat (Ma Gash Intl), the first reggae-dancehall webradio Live show from outta Switzerland, only on Ma Gash Radio Station. Listen to the finest selection from everywhere on the planet, directly in your internet browser, in iTunes or even on your mobile phone! If you have Skype, call and win tickets, big up your people dem, make some requests and more! Just link up! Add magashradio to your Skype contacts! And if you’ve liked or missed a show or even wanna listen to it at any moment, just subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, or download a specific show at radio.magashcrew.com