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  1. "Flyy" - Lendo

  2. "Flyy" - Lendo

    First song off my now, untitled mixtape, set to be completed by Fall 2011. Follow me on twitter @LendoFLYY Production by: C. Howard, and Lendo Instrumental: Lendo A love song, in many ways, but one spoken from an unusual perspective. MP3 Player SoundClick
  3. Ricco Barrino - Go Head

    rhythm and urban should be auto adds... top 40 potential
  4. Soulja Boy - Pretty Boy Swag (Produced by G5Kids)

    thats true, but there will still be some hype behind the song, so you might as well give it some spins, because people are gonna go ham..."ohh play that new soulja boy...etc"
  5. Grand Hustle Presents... Spodee

    nice song on the don't do it
  6. Baby Boy Ft. Yung L.A. - Stuntin'

    it sounds okay, the track sounds nice, its really "light" (not necessarily bad just can't think of a better word, could get some spins though)
  7. Introduction

    whats up greenhitz.. Lendo aka lja1091 aka P1091 Columbus, GA