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  1. this is for them niggas that miss that 90 shit and it dont even sound like some 90s shit
  2. i can definitely hear this bein played on the radio
  3. heeey! nice party joint right here.... no timbaland but i can rock wit Pharreal
  4. I've been looking for this for a while now. Tech Been spitting' not too many can fuck with him
  5. the trap originators. this bang right here. Atl!
  6. the beat bang. its a club slapper fasho.
  7. omarion and mustard. always a nice combo. adding kid ink wasn't a bad move neither
  8. good to hear wayne making music. sounds like he ventured out on this one so thats pretty dope
  9. I get it but i don't but hey thats rap these days and i've always enjoyed yo gotti music
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