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    The term backpack rapper has been thrown around to categorize hip-hop artists who’s content goes against the mainstream grain. There’s a typical sound that comes along with their socially conscious efforts, but New York based rapper 3 Credits is anything but typical. Born Juan Rodriguez in Washington Heights, Credits lyrical content sonically hits your chakras. Encouraged to pursue music by family and friends in the industry, 3 Credits’s sound is socially aware but never preachy. The underground rapper even has a platinum plaque, as a featured artist on Polish rap group Slums Attack’s single Subliminale, proving his powerful message of energy and awareness knows no social boundaries. Studying flows from artists such as Mos Def, Tallibb Kweli, Tupac and KRS-One, to the worldly teachings of Dr. Rick Simpson and Dr. Sebi, has lead 3 Credits to find his true calling: dropping gems in the rap world, one bar at a time.
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