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    Rapping & smoking
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    came up from town called manchester been rapping for 6 to 7 years now and in luv with doing music started playing with it way back and discovered my talent and went on from there bigs dreams in a lil town but you can get the picture justa another black male young artist tryna make some out of theirselves "Still here" mixtape coming soon so keep it on lock!
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  1. @PLAYBOii84 my boi i been tuned in!!!! #OneStepAhead

  2. GA Twan - Im With It (FREESTYLE) https://t.co/N5Pg97rC5X via YouTube

  3. Ga Twan - I Remember https://t.co/0WCU62f6ek via @YouTube #NewTrack "I Remember" #HotMuzik #Click Da Link!!!!!!