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  1. SoundClick artist: Themixtapedisciples - page with MP3 music downloads Odie-Carryout Feat A-Dub & Kaotic SoundClick artist: Themixtapedisciples - page with MP3 music downloads Odie- Bounce Feat. Dane Russell, Synchyld & Nazty I got 2 New singles from my man Odie on his mixtape "Mill Ave Bars" if anyone wants the mixtape hit me up and i will give you a link. But let me know which one of these 2 you are feeling more! DJ CHECK
  2. Wash - So Clean

    January 3rd,2011....along with 2 others... Because i'm still on hiatius from Dee Jaying..But hiatius is over at the end of this year...and then i have at least....3 to 5 other projects coming later on in 2011.
  3. Wash - So Clean

    would you mind if i used this for my upcomng tape?
  4. Wash - So Clean

  5. Wash - So Clean

    Is their anyway i can get the mp3 of this song and the instrumental sent to my e-mail??
  6. Tnt - Exclusive Bangers

    ok thanks i'm adding this into my rotation
  7. Candi Redd - Independent B**ches

    i might have finally found a worthy opponent for Zack Fraley in the Battle of the Beats...This joint is fire!!
  8. Tnt - Exclusive Bangers

    is the group called "TNT"?
  9. So i'm doing a Battle of the beats on my radio station Zack Fraley's "Game Face" (Produced By Sean Divine) is the Current 5 Time Winner http://rapidshare.com/files/267589290/07_Game_Face.mp3.html i'm looking to see if someone has a joint they wanna try to send to me from an unsigned artist for my show. If you think you have someone with a single that could beat this guy submit the singles from your artists to my e-mail ..djcheckthemixtapedisciple@gmail.com Dj Check