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  1. Here's a new Black TV Show for 2014! If you like old school or new school Hip Hop / , then this is something everyone will enjoy.This is episode #1 of the show, which debuted on January 1st/2nd (depending if you saw the show's leak). The cast is a crew of 5 college students that rap out about a focused topic. This rapisode #1 is 'the Christmas list' Cast members: Rodrick Rainey as "D'ante" Aaron Michael King as "Varis" Dain August as "Cody" Desiree Williams as "Melrose" aka Ruby Sade Reid as "Rihanna" The first episode is just the crew of young Urban kids talking about what they want for Christmas and of course a little friendly drama. However, the most unique part, just notice everything rhymes. Directed/Written by "C.KHiD" Music Director is Carlos Paez of Dresmore music EXPECT A LOT TO COME FROM THIS!
  2. Okay! So C.KHiD has swag dripping on 100 million ducktales sauce. LOL Nah, but seroiusly, check out the new music video "Wont Stop" from C.KHiD. It's a hot summer single and different from everything else out. It's been posted on various blogs this week. Also supported by Myxer.com heavily! ( www.myxer.com/CKHIDmusic ) Check it out and Share! Rate it "Like" On YoUtube and comment your thoughts to further support. Download the single on iTunes or just hit up C.KHiD on twitter for the free DJ download ( www.twitter.com/CKHiD )
  3. New Hip Hop Songs 2011: "She Fleas" Remix - C.KHiD ( feat DJ ----- White Boy) C.KHiD's are banging around the web. Have you downloaded the albums on iTunes? If not, here's a new remix that is free for everyobdy. DJ ----- White Boy scratches in the sound of barking & howling dogs to the song "She Fleas". Spread the video around and share! TEAM CKHiD
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_3mNL4Yr_U Rip Them Clothes off - Cris Coke & PartyStarz
  5. The Wild Hair Remix is out! Be sure to share it on Facebook & Twitter. C.KHiD "Jacked 111 Vol. 3" mixtape has this song featured on it. Download below: C.KHiD - Jacked 111 Vol. 3 Rap Mixtape // Free Hip Hop Music @ Hip Hop 2011 Over 7 million plays to the C.KHiD YOutube channel currently! If not already a member of the Dream TEam movement, subscribe to him now and search "C.KHiD" on iTunes to hear some of the most incredible music you've yet to catch onto. Hold it down and Keep it Dreamer like as C.KHiD motivates all to go for their Dreams. Also check the new hip hop songs 2011 site for hook ups on more free music
  6. Remember DJ Jazzy JEff and The Fresh Prince hit song "Looking For the One" ?? C.KHiD got the remix for the summer music of 2011! Free download of the song is available on www.HipHOp2011.net and we hope everyone who reads, downloads this "Jacked 111 Vol. 3" mixtape because it's insane! Join the C K HiD movement for sure. It's going down in a major way. Over 7 million plays via YouTube. Over 400,000 ringtone downloads via myxer.com/CKHiDmusic . Over 500 sales each month via iTUnes. Download C.KHiD music and represent the "Dream Team" movement in your city. Also download the C.KHiD album "Black Box Dreams 5: GOALS" that just released. It's the 5th studio album of C.KHiD. Peace! TEAM CKHiD
  7. Mind Over Money Video ( C.KhiD - New Hip Hop Songs 2011 Album ) Bang This! Download the single on iTunes. If you have YouTube, be sure to comment, favorite, and/or hit LIke to support the booming talent C.KHiD. Single "Mind Over MoneY" was one of his best tracks from the New Hip Hop Songs 2011 album release. Bang This and share the video on Facebook / Twitter / etc. It's the Dream Team Movement... Keep It Dreamer Like and Represent for Motivational music in hip hop. Over 7 million YouTube video plays to date. Over 500 itunes sales each month. Over 400k ringtone downloads via Myxer.com ! GET WITH IT OR GET ROLLED OVER. Pz, Team CKHiD
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  9. You will have both songs in 1 minute DJEnyce. Thanks for the feedback and pleaes let us know if you give it club spins. We need some audience responses to tracks. All kinds of tracks!
  10. Hip Hop Honeys and Hip Hop Music! C.KhiD is banging through Hip Hop 2010 and on The Rise into Hip Hop 2011! If you run a blog post it. If you have facebook or twitter, share it. If you just want to watch it yourself, hit "Like" on youtube and comment. Thanks for the support of C.KhiD and the CKHID Organization. - Team Leader
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  12. New Music Video "Wonderful Girl" Features Comedian "Jus Jeff" and poet/songstress "E.Black"
  13. DJ's , if you need a song, e-mail Clinks@CKHID.com or R@CKHID.com to get music by request. We also do Drops for DJ's on request. Call 212.400.0698 for additional information or business Fans, please continue to support and download on iTunes! http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/c-khid/id341000069 the official C.KhiD store http://store.CKHID.com is also good for those looking to download C.khiD music new Hip Hop Songs: C.khiD - Learning the Game Music Video Check out the new music video from C.KhID / me. I'm dong some promo runs on forums I used to browse on-line> Good to see Jee Juh still going. Over 200,000 views to my last video, "I Want This World" and almost 80,000 to "Cash on Deck".. Both are below. Thanks for support everyone! Vote 5 stars on all the videos if you care to support a brotha who's real + got lyrics. It's not everyday somebody gets a chance like I'm having and I'm proving that somebody, just like you, can really do something major. holla at me on www.CKHID.com subscribe to my youtube: YouTube - ckhid's Channel
  14. New Track "YEAH YEAH" free download CKHID - Tracks - SoundCloud bang the new
  15. available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/c-khid/id341000069 DJ's please e-mail R@CKHID.com for drops and songs. We take care of you . call 212.400.0698 for additional business