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  1. Good to have in the crates... will def spin if 320kbps
  2. worth a spin to see how peeps respond to it.
  3. Hot hip hop... can't spin cause it's not 320 kbps but 160...
  4. Tight track... reminds me of and old skool Hip Hop jam.
  5. Smooth track will spin but need it in 320 kbps
  6. nice track spin this to see how it's received.
  7. Will spin and see how it's received. sounds like a show tune on hip hop steroids.
  8. get yo pimp on big pimpin'... will rock this if 320 kbps... need clean version in 320 kbps
  9. Will add to library for rotation if it's 320 kbps.
  10. Ok feeling it ladies stand up and be that Bit*@
  11. Phat track like the beat and the bass line... too bad it's not 320 kbps can't use it.
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