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  1. *New Track* Rej3ctz ft. A.V. - "Cook it Up"

    The record is just a leak right now testing to see the feedback in the streets, etc. once everything is Green Light i'll be able to release the promo pack... everyone drop your emails if you need that.
  2. New Street Leak from The Rej3ctz & AV Rej3ctz ft. A.V. - "Cook it Up" Drop Feedback...
  3. Hot Club Banger! Ray Nitti - Bow

    Ray Nitti - Bow (Dirty)
  4. GS Boyz - White Boy Boogie

  5. Mo Dollas Ft. DJ WIZZ KIDD - One Night Only
  6. Ack A Azz - Cutta C

    lol you people r slow... here's the link to the clean version http://cuttac.com/public/mp3/cutta_c_ack_a_azz_radio.mp3
  7. A.V. - Beat It Like a Cop http://limelinx.com/files/3821d02b893e4bad53675ed27318cdd1
  8. Ack A Azz - Cutta C

    Dumb Banger.... I Swear We Put This Shit In Rotation Like 9 Months Ago No Lie... Whoever Needs Sum New Shit Pm Me...
  9. Vixens - Go Get It

    New Fire! Go Get It _Dirty_ - Vixens.mp3 - 9.87MB
  10. New Boyz - You're A Jerk

    man yehh HIGHSCHOOL KIDS are on it tuff... i had this track since october last year lol we premiere'd this @ Club Kiss out in LA... anywho CAN SOMEONE DROP THE INSTRUMENTAL TO THIS?