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  1. Djs Give Me Your Email Address For Exclusive's

    djflip Omaha, NE omahamonster@yahoo.com
  2. Hello Artists, musicians, singers We are starting a small company in the hopes of getting new music out to DJ's and radio. We already have a network of DJ's on many dj forums but are looking to expand. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain. NO CHARGE TO YOU Ideally what we prefer is: 1. CLEAN track ( radio friendly ) 2. Instrumental. I must also stress that your music should be studio quality. Dj's and radio will not mess with low quality audio and we do not want to put our name on that as well. If you don't have a clean version we can work with an unedited one and also clean it up. What we do is create a dj friendly intro & outro from the instrumental. We do not change the body of your track. You retain all the rights to your music. What are you waiting for, GET HEARD. email tracks to omahamonster@yahoo.com