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  1. Mariah Carey Ft. Gucci Mane - Obsessed (Remix)

    Another joint for my sister from the only girl with nice ass and legz...
  2. Nice joint...too repetetive stabbs...but other than that...nice work....all we need is the acapella...but I know how to get it with the instrumental and the original version....
  3. Da Hero Ft. Kia Shine - Everyday

    Pretty dope joint...and if you guys can stop by and check a track my brother Matula Kiladi came up with, along with the talents of Texarican doin a freetyle remix on the spot, for the upcomming new single called "My rims keep spinnin"...a catchy melody and who doesn't have any type of rims on your car, suv, truck?...please help me promote this kat, he needs to come up, he deserves to be up there in the club, give him a chance....and if ya'll need the track let me know, I'll work something with greenhitz to see if they can upload it and share it with all of the communnity.. look for me on myspace, same name, same handle and you'll see my player's second track...let me know if ya like it. By the way...thanxxx guys for the hooks....I'm not a hip-hop dj, but I do recycle with fella djs in the radio station here in town...as wel as djs in the clubs...whoop whoop..
  4. Mu Dills Ft. Lil Kim - Rain Check

    Well....wasup ya'll...first time on this blog...hopefully I can get to sample some of these tunez soon...for some reason I can right now....but hope to hear from one of you al to show me how to do so...thanxxx in advance.. Ricardo Giron