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  1. Gorilla Zoe Ft. Lil Jon - Twisted (Produced by DJ Montay)

    I am on. Good looking bruh!
  2. KountryVerC - Freaky Girl

    This song is missing something. Maybe if it was a few beats slower!
  3. TopDolla Sweizy - Shake Dat Ass

    This song is missing something!
  4. This track is Cool, but I need the CLEAN side ya dig! hit me...dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Atomic
  5. Touchdown on this remix mane, I see you reppin the crib too. Dig that! Do you have the CLEAN/RADIO version to this remix? Hit me up at dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com
  6. Algee - This Christmas

    Okay, i see. Nice touch!
  7. BeNda - My DJ

    Okay, this track is a good groove mane, I will give it a shot at the title on my air shift and see if it make it do what it dew ya dig! Atomic
  8. Mystikal - That Woman

    Does anyone have a Clean/Radio copy of this track? Shoot at me at dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Atomic
  9. LiL PaT AkA P.Willz- My DJ Wanna Hit It (Produced By YoungShun)

    I will see if it will do tha damn thang! Atomic
  10. GS Boyz Ft. Money Militia - Boomin

    Okay I'm in on this one!
  11. Young Cliff- STRIPPER GIRL (Club/Mixshow Smash)

    Young Cliff....Wassup dirty, I ain't got at you and wideframe in a while. I with this track as well mane, hit me up! Atomic
  12. Breakin This Old New Orleans Jam

    Say bruh, can you send ya boy some of those tracks mane, i aint ran with any of them in a while and they are both show stoppers ya dig. Im at dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Thx Atomic
  13. New orleans bounce - gotty boi chris - yo ankles - prod. By kenji

    Its a touchdown for this track ya dig! I Need the RADIO version of this song and other new bounce tracks to be sent to dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Atomic
  14. Big Ne - Finger Licking Good

    Wassup kinfolk, I need that CLEAN, CLEAN Mane dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Atomic
  15. Link was not up! Send the "RADIO" version to dj.atomic.dog1911@gmail.com Atomic