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  1. one of my personal favourite shoot i have done yet. #BTS: on the set with Hasnat Shah. Photo Courtesy: @Naihal... https://t.co/QnRYnSjBxz

  2. Stats for the week have arrived. 4 new followers and 5 unfollowers via https://t.co/fUOYZtu7jr.

  3. Yaad Hai. Photographer: Naihal Khalid https://t.co/e9GIR7pYSm https://t.co/r5rpd7q7li

  4. RT @sufisal: Who took the final decision to open a second front in FATA? The Prime Minister? (Nawaz Sharif's sponsors?) http://t.co/KXtOe9…

  5. RT @neverknownfacts: A study of 16,000 women found that females with more curves are smarter than those who weigh less.

  6. RT @TheLifeDiaries: Just thinking about you, makes me smile.