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  1. @AnthonyHorowitz Haha no.. but I wish in my Acting career I had been Alex Rider. :-)

  2. To support me as a photographer, you can do so by pressing the Like button on my Facebook Photography page - https://t.co/nAuKhxxoXy

  3. I must say Morecambe was a little breezy.. Not that I was likely to be - but if I had a kilt on I safely could have said "Avert your eyes"

  4. 24 yrs living in B-le-S and this is my 1st time I've been on a Bus to Morecambe, found where I'm performing tomorrow http://t.co/6PxHbCeEOX

  5. Attempting to find the full cast of Othello on Twitter is proving difficult, even Iago, To follow. Contacts is everything in my line of work

  6. Off to thee town of Lancaster...

  7. Looking forward to this evening :-)

  8. Thank-you for your help mate, much appreciated. Will send you a link later on, on 25th. @AmrMohsen247