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  1. Half of y'all only voting so you can feel like you apart of something you fuckin weenies

  2. Cheaters is on!!!! Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! ............ But who tf is this other host??? Where's Joey Greco at gah damn??

  3. All girls say they not like all the other girls ??? bye bih

  4. We one man short out here B

  5. "@Darwinci_: @kevinIScartoon nigga go back to sleep.

  6. This traffic is depressing

  7. RT @ViewHipHopSite: News: Young Thug Arrested For Possession & Driving Charges | Details Here: http://t.co/M8rd9jZUPt

  8. “@BSkyWalKeR_LGSC: @kevinIScartoon crack in a can” dat #werk

  9. RT @MoreSpins: Kevin Cartoon Ft. Da Kid K - Mobbin (Produced by K.O. Treezy) - http://t.co/ZjfRX5wrLN @kevinIScartoon

  10. "@MyBrazilianGirl: @kevinIScartoon *slaps forehead* oy vey what am I getting myself into lol" haha who knows just get to my beautiful soul!