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  1. My new sounds: Da Sparkin Arsen x Maloof x Whatever https://t.co/8nolph2GpC on #SoundCloud

  2. u know what i gotta taste 4? headphones & a skateboard.. #MaloofLyrics

  3. My new sounds: Unreleased Track x Go Girl (Alicia Keys Cover) https://t.co/jUf9Tck15u on #SoundCloud

  4. U can never have ah future wit somebody when u still chasing ya past

  5. Ppl stay snitchin on the 1st 48

  6. Would y'all pull the plug after this long? #HavesAndHaveNots

  7. Females forever saying somebody thirsty, u should b happy somebody finds ya ass attractive!

  8. Friends wit benefits

  9. It's almost March madness time too

  10. RT @JheneAiko: no ghost writers . absolutely not . respect my mind . thanks .

  11. U not suppose ta just love somebody, they're suppose ta give u somebody ta love