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  1. RT @solidstarisoko: W.E.E.D. by Solidstar https://t.co/F2IENzKsVj

  2. RT @ClassicPict: Think Deeply http://t.co/i8nezgabQv

  3. RT @TheWeirdWorld: 100 years ago, most people had a horse but only the wealthy had cars. Today, most people have a car but only the wealthy…

  4. And this girl was starring at me so hard, so i asked her, are you watching me on mute, like please say something or get those shit off me

  5. Happiness is in the Mind, OyoyO Dropping soon,,

  6. And this girl told me shes a les, i'm like mtcheew, you never see man wey go f**k lesbianism out of you ni,

  7. Believe me the only thing i wouldnt do for her is kill, AND thats MY Mother. And thats cos she wouldn't want me to

  8. Great actually never look down on anyone