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  1. 2all facebook my frnds nd fans, remember 2 follow me on twitter @DJslyrock

  2. If you ever fall in love…fall in love with someone who wants to know your favorite color and just how you like... https://t.co/CMS5ThTQDg

  3. get ur Photos edited for free,, all yhu have 2do is like mY page and inbox ur photo to tha page,,,,,, http://t.co/iIZlP00N09

  4. RT @poliglosdesign: Esta tarde comenzamos con un nuevo trabajo: Diseño y creacion de branding para petromac. http://t.co/6uE5Sdqogk

  5. Posted a new song: "Krysto Rock & Sly Rock_butterflies (Prod By DJ Sly" http://t.co/UkgHqZ3D0X http://t.co/l1oGKcxH8b

  6. the sand ninja, allies of the leaf,, #naruto