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  1. RT @MuzikalPoetJC: @RGA98 http://t.co/ZVgEtYqWFs #RGATKM #NLA #NuLevelBITCH

  2. "@ohteenposts: If I say "okay" during an argument, that means "shut the hell up" not "keep explaining your point""

  3. RT @Factsionary: Breast fed babies score slightly higher on mental development tests than ones on formula.

  4. "@Thegooglefactz: No two human nipples are identical... Not even on your own body."

  5. Tired of being ignored..

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  9. " To get night vision, keep one eye closed in the well lit area and then open it in darkness; that eye will be able to see in the dark."

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  13. "Intelligent people tend to care less about the opinions of others, they also enjoy being alone because of great sense of self."