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  1. RT @princessteaa: I'd be mad if no one hated me, that would mean I wasn't doing my shit right.

  2. I don't eat cereal in the morning. That shit for kids... I need a full ass meal.

  3. Relationships better when they're lowkey... But I still want everybody to know you're mine.

  4. This shit better than the dunk contest.

  5. The worst part about growing up, man shit ain't for free...

  6. Why you let these hoes tear what we had right apart? Ooooh, I was so mad.

  7. RT @Reallifethrill: I really just don't know anymore

  8. RT @MaxBeezyyy: “@YungKnight: Remember when that nigga popped yo ass in the face on camera??

  9. Cliff Paul looks just like Chris Paul.