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  1. You bitch ass rapper why you doubting https://t.co/rqaOMuLxSp

  2. . https://t.co/rqaOMuLxSp https://t.co/KMT4cklsGQ

  3. .... https://t.co/fROo04yeeA

  4. Funniest thing ive done

  5. "@TyeHenney_: Need east coast sounding beats!!" @SaVVy_Beatz

  6. you fake thugs is unplugged like MTV

  7. RT @GlamxStylista: "All these keyboards and ur still not my type"

  8. This weather is too fuckin much

  9. I'm trying to have an outer body expierence and stay there

  10. Turn on the music get jiggy.We dance together in circles until the both of us dizzy.

  11. If I was sang I would been bagged katara