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  1. You broke Yeen got no money Boy I swea you extra #LateNightSpecial

  2. Im gettin money fuxk im skressin over a bitch

  3. These folks akkin hard...

  4. We're everybody at doe!?

  5. Hunka was so throwed lastnight #UglyInTheFace

  6. stepped out tonight! Enjoyed myself!!

  7. Its always 2 side to every coin i flip

  8. RT @Drewski_Sosa: Check this track by @5NoWayJose out if "Loyalty" means something to you || http://t.co/2ndhRIBnap

  9. I been on gas all morning start my day wit a blunt of kush end my day wit shawty on a blunt of purp #EaseYaMind

  10. RT @tevin_smm: @5NoWayJose do yo thang fam...jus kno the brew behind u

  11. Finna get wt brodie dem & pull up at this lil game

  12. We're the naughty hoes at??

  13. Mind in one place, heart❤️ in another

  14. Everything Everything