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    “This is Shawnn Stowe General Operations Manager for Global Entertainment LLC. I had a chance to see a showcase on Saturday August 3rd; The 2013 Mr. Global Male Model Competition at The Saloon inside The NC Music Factory. Their were a lot of great performances during the times when the models were doing their walks. I particularly paid attention to a gentleman by the name of STORM. He was not what the crowd was expecting. When you see a lot of guys in the hip hop world you think of rugged harsh lyrics & a lot of Gun play. This man showed the ladies that even a thug has a heart & knows how to treat a woman with respect & love. He has a complete stage performance & knows how to truly connect with the audience. The crowd loved him & he showed the crowd how much he appreciated their adoration. I would have to say this about artist. Theirs a major "STORM" front coming & the forecast looks powerful as hell.”
    - Shawn Stowe, Global Entertainment LLC (Aug 06, 2013)
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  1. Laugh Now https://t.co/8L1taEMkKz

  2. https://t.co/xJuDpePsDq

  3. Thats my shit no lie lmao oh yeah https://t.co/2xZ3977cqt

  4. Storm Pemberton - Rollercoaster - http://t.co/Xb6tSHcXlA

  5. Ladies Night Vol 2 Strip Club Edition Hosted by DJ Joe Pro drops March 25th pre order your copy today inbox me for details thanx

  6. Ladies and gents my son Curtis Pharr bang bang can only finish pne plate at golden corral

  7. Chi freaked my princesses hair thanks again http://t.co/1JiJE6TdoZ

  8. I gave a heads up yesterday but today here momentarily we will be debuting the covers for Ladies Night Vol 2 Strip Club Edition Hosted by DJ Joe Pro i thank everyone dat has came along for the ride my niggas Cato Kelly of FTB Records Fan Page T-Money C7 of Hypnotic Hop Jackie Paper, Dj Joe Pro, Andre Smith, of MADMAN Graphics, Darryl GooRoo Chapman Sr. of Innerlook Productions, and everyone else who participated in this project i love yall

  9. EXCLUSIVE NEWS DJ Va Black is the DJ for the second new mixtape releasing on April 20th of this year any... http://t.co/KMCoOgEHo5

  10. Yo I am amp like hell in just lil bit we will be releasing the cover for Ladies Night Vol 2 Strip Club Edition hosted by Joe Pro and its all thanks to fam Andre Smith of MADMAN GRAPHICS Good Lookin fam I mean that

  11. Storm Pemberton - Rollercoaster - http://t.co/SCq9qrldII

  12. Well ladies and gents as they say on a movie set that's a wrap for Storm I'm finally finish recordin thank god