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  1. sounds like everything else
  2. Zoey Dollaz - Couches @ZoeyDollaz

    I will try it out in the mix and see how it reacts
  3. Drake Ft. Popcann - Controlla @Drake @PopcaanMusic

    i'm trying to understand the hype behind this record?? Maybe i'll start to like it after a few spins!
  4. I think this will be a NYC anthem for the upcoming summer. Every club I've been since this record dropped has been going ALL THE WAY UP!!!
  5. she came out of nowhere with this.. got social media in a frenzy!!
  6. Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls (Remix)

    will give this record spin.. i like the flow on this
  7. DJ Self Ft. Menace Cowwabang - I Got The Juice

    this record has potential!!
  8. Tate Kobang - Bank Rolls (Remix)

    need the acapella, instrumental and intro version to this record. I like this record alot..
  9. Steph Lecor - Saturday

    adding it to my playlist!!
  10. Tyga Ft. Lil Wayne & Meek Mill - Good Day

    fire.. i love this track!! today was a good day..
  11. Shawty Lo Ft. Ron Browz & Waka Flocka - Hundredz

    will do well in the strip club!
  12. Bebe Rexha - Can't Stop Drinking About You

    I like this track..
  13. Rick Ross Ft. Project Pat - Elvis Presley Blvd

    Nice record.. will try it out in the mix and see how it puts up